The Intimitrons from AREA 51

Western Canada's First All-Girls FRC Robotics Team

9 Years of STEM

The Intimitrons From Area 51 is one of the few all-girls FIRST Robotics teams in Canada. We are the first all-female team in Western Canada! Our objective is to encourage female participation in technical vocations - fields that are currently male dominated. By creating robots to compete in FIRST competitions, we are able to accomplish this. The Intimitrons team was established in 2012, and this 2022 season will be our eleventh!

Intimitrons learn fabrication skills such as welding, soldering and machining. We also learn how to program our robot and website in a variety of coding languages. To bring our robot to life, we wire electronics such as motor controllers, power distribution boards, and microcontrollers. In the off-season we practice our electronics skills with Aurduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping. Our robot designs are created in Fusion 360- an 3-D Autodesk CAD tool.
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The Intimitrons from Area 51

The team Intimitrons from Area 51, was founded in hopes of inspiring and encouraging the participation of young women in engineering, science, and technical vocations. In a male dominated field, we see this as an important endeavor. Our team sees the importance of upholding the values of FIRST and strives help others along our path journey. We are also highly involved in community outreach to encourage participation in the fascinating and rewarding experience of robotics and STEM.